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Popular Conspiracy Theories in 2020

I bet there’s a conspiracy that some conspiracy theorists are fake conspiracy theorists paid by real conspirators to discredit real conspiracy theorists who get too close to unraveling a web of conspiracies that most conspirators and conspiracy theorists can’t even keep track of anymore. (link)

There are so many conspiracy theories active today it’s hard to keep track of them. Here are some of them:

  • 5G causes disease (YET TO BE VERIFIED)
  • COVID-19 is caused by the new 5G communication towers (link) (UNTRUE)
    • Claim: People aren’t dying from corona virus but from cell poisoning.
  • Bill Gates owns a medical laboratory in Wuhan, China (UNVERIFIED)
  • Bill Gates owns the corona virus patent (PARTLY TRUE) (link)
    • “The version of the corona virus that is patent was done for a strand of this virus in 2015. The corona virus affecting Wuhan right now is a totally different strain. It’s all public information and very easy to find through some basic google box research. But please, keep fear mongering.” (link)
  • Bill Gates wants global depopulation (UNTRUE) (link)
    • Gates wants to lower the population growth rate.
  • Bill Gates planned the virus to depopulate the earth (UNVERIFIED)
  • Bill Gates is deliberately killing children in poor countries through vaccination (UNVERIFIED)
  • Bill Gates wants to use vaccinations to depopulate the earth (UNVERIFIED] (link)
  • Gates Foundation predicted virus, ‘funded group who owns virus patent’ (TRUE NOT EVIL) (link)
    • “The Oct. 18 outbreak simulation did happen, and tax records show that the Gates Foundation has supported the Pirbright Institute in the past. The Pirbright Institute owns a patent for a form of coronavirus that could potentially be used as a vaccine to prevent diseases in animals. Pirbright scientists do not currently work on human coronaviruses like the Wuhan strain. But those disparate facts don’t prove that the Gates Foundation has somehow profited from the most recent outbreak of the coronavirus. If anything, they show that the foundation has funded organizations that work to prevent epidemics.”
  • Genetically Modified Organisms used to depopulate poor countries (UNVERIFIED)
  • Corona virus can easily be killed

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