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Divorce and Remarriage Links

Generally Opposed to ALL Divorce & Remarriage

God did not say to Adam, “Now I made this woman to be your wife, but if your marriage doesn’t work out, you may divorce her, and we’ll try another rib!”




Generally Opposed to MOST Divorce & Remarriage


    – A fairly comprehensive consideration of the subject.  The format makes it hard to read sadly.
  • Divorce and Remarriage sermons by Harold Chase
    – There are eight MP3 sermons running for about 12 hours in total dealing comprehensively with this topic.  His view is that there are only two lawful grounds for divorce and remarriage – fornication and willful abandoment by a non-believer.  He also deals with the practicality of how to handle unlawful remarriages in his church and embarks on the process in his own church.  I don’t think I have heard any preacher speak more directly to his audience then he has.

Generally Supportive of Divorce & Remarriage



  • Divorce Hope Website
    – A site that is dedicated to removing the guilt of those who have been divorced.  It has a very liberal view of the Biblical teaching on divorce and remarriage.


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