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1 Minute Testimony

My parents became Christians when I was young. As many children do, I took the faith of my parents.

So I believed in God but it was a fairly shallow belief. And like most teenagers I wanted popular and rich. I figured engineering and computer science could make me rich. So I went to uni, and met a lot of really smart people who had no faith at all.

We debated a lot. And I started to think  lot – was Christianity really true and what it really meant to be a Christian.

I wasn’t really expecting anything to change – I had believed in Jesus most of my life. And I didn’t need anything to change. I was in a good university, had a great family, had every material thing I wanted.

But lots of things did start to change. The Bible became really interesting – I didn’t expect that. I also now wanted to help with household chores and be nice to my sister. Even Sunsets seemed beautiful – I had never cared about that before. The biggest change was that I no longer wanted to be rich – I was more excited by giving money away.

I believe God had come to live inside of me. The faith I had as a child had become a real relationship with a real Person. All I had done was said, ‘You are Lord, and I will follow you’.  I hope you’ve said that too.

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