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Is influenza more deadly than stress?

The following are statistics from the US. It appears that work-related stress kills almost twice as many people as influenza. How many more deaths can we expect from stress now economies around the world are shutting down and 100s of thousands of people are out of work?

Work-related stress causes 120,000 deaths and results in $190 billion in healthcare costs yearly.
(Center for Workplace Mental Health)

Both the human and financial costs of stress are enormous. Statistics for workplace stress show that around 120,000 people die each year from work-related stress. The cost of stress in the workplace also drains the US budget, resulting in healthcare costs of around $190 billion per year. This represents between 5% and 8% of the total national healthcare spending.

And the flu in 2017-18…

61,099 died across all ages. 

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