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Is ‘love’ the single divine trait from which all other traits emerge?

Some maintain that love is the characteristic of God from which all other traits emanate. However this could be disproven by the following:

  1. The Bible is clear that there are people and things that God hates.
  2. But hatred is the opposite of love.
  3. Therefore hatred cannot emanate from love.
  4. Thus there must be some other quality from which hatred issues.

Hatred as exercised by God issues not from his love but from his holiness. Because He is holy He loves goodness and hates wickedness. Therefore holiness, not love, is more likely to be the core trait of God’s character.

It may be observed though that, though holiness is the most fundamental moral trait of God, this trait is mainly expressed in love. God was for eternity past in a perfect loving union with the godhead. It is only these last thousands of years that God has demonstrated his hatred as sin has spread throughout the world. Prior to the creation of mankind we believe that there was no sin to hate.

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