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Making and Breaking Covenants in the Bible

I found this article by Allen R. Guenther quite helpful.

It is customary, when discussing marriage, divorce and remarriage from a Christian perspective, to observe that the Bible describes marriage as a covenant. Rarely is that insight developed by probing the unique character of covenant as represented within the Scripture and by applying those perspectives to the marital relationship.

This article is also a good analysis of making and breaking Biblical covenants.

I have argued that Scripture teaches explicitly that marriage is a covenant involving two equally responsible partners who promise in the presence of God to be faithful to one another until death separates them. That covenant may be violated in a number of ways, but violation is not to be interpreted as annulment of the marriage covenant. Neither adultery, nor the legal act of divorce, nor the act of remarriage by one of the partners nullifies the marriage bond. God views husband and wife as bound together until one of them dies.



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