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Paula White’s marriages

Source: Wikipedia

White has been married three times.[22]

Her first marriage was as a teenager.[74] Paula became pregnant the year after converting to Christianity. She and the father, local musician Dean Knight, married in 1985; they divorced in 1989.[12][75][76]

Paula met associate pastor Randy White in 1987 while attending Damascus Church of God in Maryland, which was headed by his father.[77] According to the book Holy Mavericks, meeting this third-generation preacher was a turning point in her life. The two divorced their spouses in 1989 and married each other a year later, Paula becoming step-mother to his children.[76][75] Shortly thereafter they moved to Tampa, Florida and started Without Walls International Church.[77] On August 23, 2007, Randy White announced that he and Paula were divorcing. According to The Christian Post, White says the divorce was amicable, and they remain friends.[14][78]

In 2010 White’s relationship with married televangelist Benny Hinn gave rise to controversy after being photographed leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands. Hinn said “A friendship did develop” though “the relationship is over.” Both denied an affair.[79][80][81]

At the close of 2014, musician Jonathan Cain of the Journey rock band finalized his divorce from his second wife and became engaged to White. On April 27, 2015, the couple married, Paula becoming step-mother to their children.[82]

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