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Position of the Apostolic Church of Australia on divorce and remarriage

I understood this to be the position of the Apostolic Church of Australia in 2010.

  1. The church is opposed to all divorce among Christians and others.
  2. Divorce and remarriage is permitted on the grounds of ‘porneia’ as taught in Matthew 19. This includes adultery but may also include any kind of illegitimate sexual intercourse.
  3. Divorce and remarriage is permitted for a spouse who has been deserted by his or her spouse (either a believer or unbeliever) once all possibilities of reconciliation have been exhausted.
  4. Any previous unlawful marriage is cleansed through forgiveness at conversion.
  5. A legally established presumption of death is grounds for remarriage.
  6. If believers willfully divorce after warnings from the church then they isolate themselves from the protective care of the church.
  7. Where there is proven violence which is irresolvable, separation should be seen as acceptable with the view to reconciliation.
  8. In the case of insanity, even when considered incurable, we see no Biblical grounds for divorce.

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