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Some reasons why Christians have liked Trump

  1. Most leaders are afraid to make any clear reference to Jesus. Trump was not.
  2. We have never heard a leader of state make such positive references to Jesus. 
  3. Black Christians are so cool. This hour long meeting let them say what they wanted about Trump. It is amazing to hear what they had to say about the ‘racist’ Trump.
  4. The media was very successful in convincing a lot of people that Trump never condemned white supremacy. This deliberate deception which was championed by the democrats made people dislike them and embrace Trump even more.
  5. Trump probably didn’t tell 50 lies a day
  6. Trump’s looseness with the truth is not always the same as lying. The whole video is worth listening to.
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    You re a moron. Trump did very little positive move in America and did more to dimantle democract and move towards a dictatorship. Pull your head out. Trump was the best president and the most respected inside the USA and in the rest of the world. The world respected America so much more than in the last decade. Then the people failed to do anything about an obviously incredibly fraudulent election with astounding numbers of affidavits from respected lawyers from both parties, video evidence stacked upon video evidence stacked upon more, and deceased voters turning out like never before, the open government data available online shows more votes for Biden than there were actual registered voters in existance, even more than the total census in many counties. On top of that there was the media which is just a propaganda device of the c_a which is complicit and your main problem. Obama was an agent ag barr is an agent so many luciferian pedovores are in the Congress and Senate not only every Democrat but some good chunk of the GOP also. Anyways have good day Mk fromn Canada

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