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Remarriage Article List

There are a lot of articles on this site about remarriage. The position held here is that all remarriage is wrong while the first spouse is still alive. The following articles are my attempt at explaining why that position is the Biblical one.

  1. Why I can’t remarry  – My personal journey to the belief that all remarriage is unlawful while the a spouse is alive along with scriptural journey I took to get there.
  2. Three questions to end the remarriage debate – The most concise argument I can make to support this position.
  3. Love Story of Hosea – A beautiful retelling of a key story that helps us see how we should act towards our estranged spouse. It was a pivotal moment for me in my recovery from divorce. Divorce provides the Christian the opportunity to demonstrate this sort of Divine love.

Support for this position by people who are generally well regarded by the church

  1. Quotes from the Early Church Fathers on divorce and remarriage 
  2. A position paper on divorce and remarriage (John Piper) – A concise and well argued position
  3. Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Remarriage
  4. Divorce and remarriage from the early church to John Wesley
  5. David Pawson on Remarriage

Scriptural support for this position

  1. 22 Reasons why remarriage is never permitted
  2. Marriage is for life 

Common Objections to this position

  1. Jesus is OK with remarriage because He said She had five husbands 
  2. Is remarriage the unforgivable sin?
  3. Is remarriage an abomination to God?

By far the most difficult aspect of this belief is what will become of those who have entered into an unlawful marriage

  1. What are the consequences for the unlawfully married?
  2. I know remarried couples who are excellent Christians. They will surely be saved.
  3. Testimony of a remarried pastor – A sobering account from 100 years ago of a pastor seeking God about his second marriage.

Covenants are, by definition, indissoluble. If they can be dissolved then they are not covenants but contracts. This truth is fairly central to my belief that marriage is for life.

  1. Making and Breaking Covenants in the Bible
  2. Selected quotes from Blood Covenant a Primitive Rite and its bearings on Scripture by H. Clay Trumbull

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